COVID-19 Update – Proof of Vaccination Required

On October 4, 2021 new Provincial guidelines came into effect regarding proof of vaccination for non-essential activities.

We have been informed that all activities at the MVRRC are considered non-essential and therefore the new guidelines apply to our Club.

Be advised that effective October 4, any person over 18 years entering the MVRRC property must be fully vaccinated and must provide proof of double vaccination upon request. Prior to November 9, any person 12 to 18 entering the MVRRC property must provide proof of at least a single vaccination (after November 9, proof of a double vaccination).

The only exception is a person with a medical exception who is required to instead present, when requested, a “Valid Medical Contraindication for COVID-19 Vaccination letter”.

Masks are still required at all times while inside the clubhouse.

For scheduled events like our Training Courses, the Competition or Fun Shoots, the monthly Orientation Safety Briefings and Meetings the person in charge of the event or meeting is required to ask for and confirm proof of vaccination for all persons present.

For daily non-scheduled shooting by members at the Club, it is the responsibility of the member to adhere to the Provincial Policy and be prepared to show proof of vaccination when it is requested by a Club RO or by any other Club member.

Any person who is unwilling or unable to show proof of vaccination upon request, will be immediately asked to leave the property. Failure to immediately comply with a request to vacate will result in an immediate referral to the Executive Committee for further action, which may include contacting the RCMP for assistance under the Protection of Property Act and a permanent lifetime expulsion from the Club.

In short, if you are not vaccinated per the Provincial guidelines, DO NOT ENTER CLUB PROPERTY.

Executive Members, Directors, Co-ordinators, Instructors and Club RO’s will not enter into any debate or discussion with any person who objects to the Provincial guidelines introduced by the Province. If you have any objections to the Provincial guidelines, please contact your local MLA or the NS Department of Health.

Thank you in advance for your continued understanding, support and assistance in keeping our Club open and safe during the Provincial COVID-19 restrictions.

– Executive Members and Directors