For Members Renewing their Memberships. 

All memberships run for 12 months. It is the Members responsibility to remember their renewal. No individual notices will be sent.


Annual membership renewals must be postmarked prior to their ending month, else you will be billed as a rejoining membership.

There are 2 ways to renew your Membership:


1.  You may send an Electronic Money Transfer for the total sum for your Membership to  

  a.  The Security Question should very specifically read "Name of the Club".

  b.  The Answer is MVRRC2015. Note: the answer is always MVRRC2015.  It does not change based on year

  c.   In the message box included with your Electronic Money Transfer please include Your Name and Membership Number.


2.  You may mail Cheque or Money Order for your Membership Renewal to:


      P.O. Box 224

      Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia  

      B3G 1M5. 


     Once again please include Your Name and Membership Number.


It is imperative you complete the following two documents and send to info@mvrrc or with your cheque and / or money order.









The renewal / joining fees are as follows:


Single Annual Membership - $137.50  

Family Annual Membership - $170.50 

Lifetime Membership - $880.00  (only available to Renewing / Rejoining Members in good standing who have been members for 12 months or more).


If your Membership has elapsed less than 30 days your renewal fees are discounted: 


Single Annual Membership - $88.00.  

Family Annual Membership - $110.00.  

Lifetime Membership - $880.00.

Family Lifetime Membership - $1,100.00  (only available to Renewing / Rejoining Members in good standing who have been members for 12 months or more).


For Individuals or Family's Joining MVRRC 

Information on Safety Brief 


This is a mandatory briefing to complete for all members for insurance purposes, and must be completed prior to receiving your club membership. 


MVRRC is unique, with respect to not requiring a posted range officer. Club members can come and go as they please and shoot any day during daylight hours.


During Safety Briefing the Safety Director goes over the rules of the range and some of the Firearms act requirements.  This is followed by a range walk through (have footwear appropriate for mud / snow depending on the season) to give you a chance to see what is available to the members and discuss some of the different rules for different firing points.  Lastly, there is firearms handling and shooting. Using a pistol, the Safety Director will demonstrate and ask each participant handle and fire the pistol to show your ability to safely handle a firearm. You will require eye and ear protection for this part of the briefing. Hearing protection is at the clubhouse, but eye protection is sometimes limited.


Upon completion of the Lecture, live firing exercise, and a walk around the properties; there will be a 20 question multiple choice test.  The answers for the test my be found in the Safety Handbook downloadable below.  The test is 'open book' meaning you may reference the Safety Handbook material at anytime during testing.


Once you have completed the Orientation and show proof of membership, you will be given the combination to the club gate lock by our membership director, Steve Dennis. Membership cards are sent via email, or in the mail after payment is processed.

To become a member of the Musquodoboit Valley RIfle and Revolver Club it is mandatory that you personally attend one Range Safety Briefing. Please contact the Club through the 'Contact Tab' located at the top of this page.  There is no cost associated with the Briefing.

Our Membership Fee structure is $165.00 for an Annual Single Membership and $209.00 for an Annual Family Membership.

Please note there is currently a waiting list to join MVRRC.  To have your name added to this list, please send an email here:


Musquodoboit Valley RIfle and Revolver Club is a Private Marksman Club; for Members and their Guests only; situated approximately 45 minutes North-East of Halifax's Stanfield International Airport.


From Halifax take Highway 102's Exit 5A and follow Highway 212; also known as "Old Guysborough Road"; to Highway 357: 44° 58'18.6846"N -63°13'59.3004"W.  Turn North-East on Highway 357 towards Middle Musquodoboit.  Continue North-East on Highway 357 for 16.1 Kilometers to Glenmore Road.  Turn North on Glenmore Road; 45°2'43.605"N -63°8'35.844"W; and continue 6.2 kilometers to Musquodoboit Valley RIfle and Revolver Club.

From Highway 102's Exit 8; turn South on Highway 214, also known as "Elmsdale Road".  Highway 214 will take a sharp turn to the North; 44°57'39.8"N 63°29'32.2"W; where it will become Highway 277: also known as "Old Truro Road" and / or "Dutch Settlement Road".  Continue North-East on Highway 277 for 14 kilometers to Highway 224: 45°01'51.4"N 63°21'25.9"W.  Continue straight North-East on Highway 224 for 19. 6 kilometers to Glenmore Road: 45°2'43.605"N -63°8'35.844"W.  Turn North on Glenmore Road and continue 6.2 Kilometers to Musquodoboit Valley RIfle and Revolver Club.

From Highway 102's Exit 11; turn East on Stewiake Road.  Stewiake Road is also known as Main Street and Kitchener Road.  Continue East from Exit 11 for 18.3 Kilometers to Glenmore Road: 45°08'08.0"N 63°08'48.3"W.  Turn South on Glenmore Road and continue 5.1 kilometers to Musquodoboit Valley RIfle and Revolver Club.

Important: Do not follow GPS Directions.  They will lead you to a Dead End Logging Road