President - Vacant Position
Due to a mid-term resignation - position to be elected at the next Annual General Meeting

Professional diplomas / certificates:
NS Provincial Firearms instructor. 
NS Provincial Hunter safety instructor.
British Military, All arms, Explosives, Map reading & Survival, CQB, Rappelling & Unarmed Combat instructor.
UKPSA, National instructor, Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun. 
ASLET, Police firearms and tactics instructor. 
BSAC, Sports diving instructor.
NPDS, Commercial Diver. 
Essex Police, Advanced driver, Offensive/defensive and surveillance driving. 
BAWLA, Olympic weightlifting instructor. 

Peter Eliot
Vice President


Peter Eliot is the owner/operator of Ballistic Services, a reloading company in Milford Station, and does firearm repairs. He has a very broad history with firearms, ballistics, reloading and tactics dating back to the late 1960's. 


Peter has proven leadership abilities and superior capabilities as a teacher. As Hnatiuk’s Training Division’s Chief Instructor he offers a broad level of experience. Besides teaching the Non-Restricted, Restricted and Hunter Education courses, Peter has experience as an instructor in reloading ammunition, security training, military and police skills, ballistics, firearms use and even SCUBA diving. 

Peter has received a ‘Mention in dispatches’ for bravery whilst serving in a combat zone.


He has written three books on firearms, ballistics and stress psychology and wrote several articles for shooting magazines both in England and the US.


As a recognized Crown Court Expert, he has given evidence at British Crown Court in cases relating to ballistics and stress psychology as it relates to a deadly force encounter, both as a police officer and as a civilian expert.


Peter developed and teaches the ‘National Holster Course which has been underwritten by the National Firearms Association and accepted as their National course.

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Steve Dennis
Treasurer & Memberships


I was born and raised on a Tobacco Farm outside of Tillsonburg Ont.  My first hunt was at the age of 3 when I shot my 1st mouse with a Cork & String Rifle.  My Grandfather served the mouse for breakfast the next morning.  30 years later; I learned that it was actually Roast Beef served that morning.  


I am a NFA Certified Range Safety Officer.  He currently training to qualify as an instructor for Nova Scotia Hunter Education; the Non Restricted and Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Courses.


I manage the Provincial Business related activities for a National Non-profit heath organisation. 


Member of the Mennonite Church of Canada. 


I resettled in Nova Scotia 30+ years ago.  I currently reside with my Beautiful Bride Barbara of 25 years in Eastern Passage where we raised our family.


I very much look forward to being of service to the Musquodoboit Valley Rifle & Revolver Club.

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Mary Ann Jacobs
Secretary & Communications

My name is Mary Ann Jacobs. I haven’t been a shooter for a great many years, but I have been love struck since the first pull  of the trigger!


I grew up in rural Newfoundland, about 40 minutes outside of St. John’s. Everyone I knew had firearms, long guns mostly, and gun safety was a huge part of my upbringing. People had guns in their porches, hanging on their living room walls, in closets – they were absolutely everywhere and we were all taught about the proper handling of a firearm.


My father passed away when I was a child, so I never had the opportunity to get into hunting (my mother quite enjoys the indoors!) and before I knew it, hunting and shooting was just a distant item on my “to do list”.


Several years ago I moved to Halifax on little more than a whim where I met my other half Mike Murphy. Mike introduced me to target shooting and I immediately fell in love with the sport! I shoot mostly pistols – revolvers to be exact, but I also enjoy busting clays with the shotgun and popping balloons with the AR-15. I’ve also developed quite the affinity for the intricacy of black powder. Though Mike has less interest in hunting than I do, he is going to learn with me so we can expand our shooting skills (and our freezer!) together.


I’m looking forward to helping out at the MVRRC in any way I can, and learning everything and anything I can about this incredible hobby.

Professional diplomas / certificates:

Certified Range Inspector

Range Officer

NS Provincial Firearms Instructor

IPSC Black Badge

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Rick Shaughnessy
Pistol Director & Past President


My name is Rick Shaughnessy.  My profession is parts manager at a dealership in Truro but my passion is firearms.


Since the age of 16 I have been involved with guns, starting out with hunting.

Over the years I have gained experience and different certifications.  I have had my black badge course certification for over 20 years and favor IPSC style shooting.  I am also qualified as a range inspector, range officer, PAL course instructor and am holster qualified.

I have been involved with MVRRC for many years and volunteer as a safety director.  I also help out with range safety briefings.

Another passion I have is for horses.  I volunteer at local horse shows, often announcing at them as well as performing many other duties to make the shows run smoothly.

I have been married for over 20 years and have 2 children.  My children and wife share my passion for horses.  We often spend our free time with the horses.  My children also have a strong interest in fire arms and enjoy going to the range.

All directors may be contacted by filling in the online form under the "Contact Us" tab
Rifle Director - Ken Speichts
Shotgun / Clays Director  - Kevin Seager
Pistol Director - Rick Shaughnessy
ISPC Director - Colin Soanes
Tactical Director - Nael Al-Qaoud
Safety Orientation Director - Mark McCrae
Maintenance Director - Jim Meadows
Communications Director - Mary Ann Jacobs


Safety Briefings


Joining the Musquodoboit Valley Rifle and Revolver Club requires you attend and successfully complete the Range Safety Orientaion. There are no exceptions. 

Our Safety Manual is available on the Membership Tab of this website.

Please refer to the club Calendar (located on the homepage) for upcoming Safety Orientation dates.

Be Safe.  Shoot Responsibly.