Nate Den Hollander

I grew up in Alberta, starting my shooting career as a young biathlete; skiing and shooting. In 2008 I made it to Germany for the British Army Nordic Championships. I achieved a 10th place finish, the highest place for Canada since 1989. 


When I was 18 I joined the Canadian Forces, and was sent to Wainwright, Alberta for PPCLI Battle School - 17 weeks of the best winter days Alberta can offer!


I served with the PPCLI and RCR, as well as instructed at the Infantry School and after 13 years of service, I retired as a Sargent.


Upon my release from the CAF, I started working within the fire arms and security industry as both consultant and instructor. Over the past 5 years I have been working with ranges and gear manufacturers, and travelling North America filming for various projects that support Veterans networks. I am also currently a co-host on a couple social media shows that keep me active within the firearms and security industry.


Thank you for taking the time to read this - I look forward to shooting with you some time!

Professional diplomas / certificates:
NS Provincial Firearms instructor. 
NS Provincial Hunter safety instructor.
British Military, All arms, Explosives, Map reading & Survival, CQB, Rappelling & Unarmed Combat instructor.
UKPSA, National instructor, Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun. 
ASLET, Police firearms and tactics instructor. 
BSAC, Sports diving instructor.
NPDS, Commercial Diver. 
Essex Police, Advanced driver, Offensive/defensive and surveillance driving. 
BAWLA, Olympic weightlifting instructor. 

Peter Eliot
Vice President & Past President


Peter Eliot is the owner/operator of Ballistic Services, a reloading company in Milford Station, and does firearm repairs. He has a very broad history with firearms, ballistics, reloading and tactics dating back to the late 1960's. 


Peter has proven leadership abilities and superior capabilities as a teacher. As Hnatiuk’s Training Division’s Chief Instructor he offers a broad level of experience. Besides teaching the Non-Restricted, Restricted and Hunter Education courses, Peter has experience as an instructor in reloading ammunition, security training, military and police skills, ballistics, firearms use and even SCUBA diving. 

Peter has received a ‘Mention in dispatches’ for bravery whilst serving in a combat zone.


He has written three books on firearms, ballistics and stress psychology and wrote several articles for shooting magazines both in England and the US.


As a recognised Crown Court Expert, he has given evidence at British Crown Court in cases relating to ballistics and stress psychology as it relates to a deadly force encounter, both as a police officer and as a civilian expert.


Peter developed and teaches the ‘National Holster Course which has been underwritten by the National Firearms Association and accepted as their National course.

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Steve Dennis
Treasurer & Communications


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Mary Ann Jacobs

My name is Mary Ann Jacobs. I haven’t been a shooter for a great many years, but I have been love struck since the first pull  of the trigger!


I grew up in rural Newfoundland, about 40 minutes outside of St. John’s. Everyone I knew had firearms, long guns mostly, and gun safety was a huge part of my upbringing. People had guns in their porches, hanging on their living room walls, in closets – they were absolutely everywhere and we were all taught about the proper handling of a firearm.


My father passed away when I was a child, so I never had the opportunity to get into hunting (my mother quite enjoys the indoors!) and before I knew it, hunting and shooting was just a distant item on my “to do list”.


Several years ago I moved to Halifax on little more than a whim where I met my other half Mike Murphy. Mike introduced me to target shooting and I immediately fell in love with the sport! I shoot mostly pistols – revolvers to be exact, but I also enjoy busting clays with the shotgun and popping balloons with the AR-15. I’ve also developed quite the affinity for the intricacy of black powder. Though Mike has less interest in hunting than I do, he is going to learn with me so we can expand our shooting skills (and our freezer!) together.


I’m looking forward to helping out at the MVRRC in any way I can, and learning everything and anything I can about this incredible hobby.

Musquodobit Valley Rifle and Revolver Range Directors


MVRRC has six Elected Directors.


Colin Soanes

Safety Director


My name is Colin Soanes and I have been a member since late 2007.  I work Offshore as a ships Captain; and no, I have never been attacked by pirates.


I enjoy most forms of shooting. And as work allows to be involved in, I participate in clay shoots, IPSC, and multi gun.

I am a club range inspector and also give and assist with the club safety briefings.

I am hoping to become qualified to teach the club holster course.


Finally I also compile the club newsletter from the reports of the various executive members.


Steve Dennis
MVRRC Communications 



I was born and raised on a Tobacco Farm outside of Tillsonburg Ont.  My first hunt was at the age of 3 when I shot my 1st mouse with a Cork & String Rifle.  My Grandfather served the mouse for breakfast the next morning.  30 years later; I learned that it was actually Roast Beef served that morning.  


I am a NFA Certified Range Safety Officer.  He currently training to qualify as an instructor for Nova Scotia Hunter Education; the Non Restricted and Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Courses.


I manage the Provincial Business related activities for a National Non-profit heath organisation. 


Member of the Mennonite Church of Canada. 


I resettled in Nova Scotia 30+ years ago.  I currently reside with my Beautiful Bride Barbara of 25 years in Eastern Passage where we raised our family.


I very much look forward to being of service to the Musquodoboit Valley Rifle & Revolver Club.

Professional diplomas / certificates:

Certified Range Inspector

Range Officer

NS Provincial Firearms Instructor

IPSC Black Badge

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Rick Shaughnessy
Pistol Director & Past President


My name is Rick Shaughnessy.  My profession is parts manager at a dealership in Truro but my passion is firearms.


Since the age of 16 I have been involved with guns, starting out with hunting.

Over the years I have gained experience and different certifications.  I have had my black badge course certification for over 20 years and favor IPSC style shooting.  I am also qualified as a range inspector, range officer, PAL course instructor and am holster qualified.

I have been involved with MVRRC for many years and volunteer as a safety director.  I also help out with range safety briefings.

Another passion I have is for horses.  I volunteer at local horse shows, often announcing at them as well as performing many other duties to make the shows run smoothly.

I have been married for over 20 years and have 2 children.  My children and wife share my passion for horses.  We often spend our free time with the horses.  My children also have a strong interest in fire arms and enjoy going to the range.

Kevin Slaunwhite