Range Update


As of today, Saturday August 1, 2020, the Musquodoboit Valley Rifle and Revolver Club will permit guests to use the range:


  • Guests must agree to follow the Club’s Range Safety Handbook and the government’s current health guidelines and restrictions as per the Club’s phased Reopening Plan (see below)

  • If the guest is not within the member’s “family bubble” or the “member’s group of 10 bubble”, masks are mandatory for the member and the guest if the guest requires “direct supervision” (less than 1 meter supervision)

  • Under our Range Safety Handbook, a guest requires “direct supervision” (less than 1 meter) if the guest is a minor, a new shooter, an inexperienced shooter, a shooter who does not have the required licenses (for example (PAL or RPAL) for the firearms they will be shooting) or, the guest is inexperienced shooting the firearm they will be shooting at the Club.


Plan for the Phased Reopening the MVRRC


Access to the Club:

  • In the previous 14 days prior to arriving at the Club, you have (1) had COVID-19; (2)exhibited any cold or flu‐like symptoms; (3) been out of the Province; (4) have had direct contact with a person who has COVID-19, a person quarantined or self-isolating, or a person who has been out of the Province; you are not allowed access to the Club for 14 days (effective July 3, replace “the Province” with “Atlantic Canada”)

  • 9 Ranges open: Pistol 1, 2, 2A, 3 & 3A; Rifle 2 (inside and outside); Rifle 4 or Pistol 4 (only one of these ranges may be used at one time); and Rifle 1 or Shotgun (only one of these ranges may be used at one time)


Following Health Restrictions:

  • When at the Club, each member is expected to follow the current health guidelines and restrictions (no groups of more than 10 at any location; maintaining social distancing of 6 feet outside “your household” or “your group of 10”; using sanitizers: etc.)

  • Members are required to bring their own PPE and sanitation sprays or wipes (masks are not mandatory but recommended outside “your household” or “your group of 10”)

  • Members are required to sanitize surfaces before and after interacting with them

  • If a member fails to follow this Plan; arrives without the ability to sanitize; or fails to sanitize all surfaces they interact with; the member will be asked to leave the Club and, an incident report will be filed with the Executive; As a result, and at the discretion of the Executive, the member may be suspended or their membership revoked, with no refund)


Arrival at the Club:

  • The “sign-in” sheet and honesty box will be located in the shooting supply shed - the clubhouse will remain locked

  • If a member wishes to use the washrooms, they are responsible to sanitize the surfaces before and after usage

  • Shooting stand/target materials/targets will be available in the shooting supply shed

  • Members must remove all cardboard, targets and garbage from their range

NOTE: This Plan is subject to change, at the discretion of the Executive





Rifle Range No. 3 is currently closed pending it's approval of by Nova Scotia's Chief Firearms Officer. 


It is permissable to shoot on Club install steel currently installed on the Pistol Ranges without the presence of a Range Safety Officer.  Please Note it remains imperative that posted rules are strictly adhered to.

Binary Targets are banned.

Firebird Reactive Targets are banned.

Electronic Messages Consent Form

All members are asked to sign and date the electronic messages consent form.

Details are included in the form.

Safety Briefings


Joining the Musquodoboit Valley Rifle and Revolver Club requires you attend and successfully complete the Range Safety Orientaion. There are no exceptions. 

Our Safety Manual is available on the Membership Tab of this website.

Please refer to the club Calendar (located on the homepage) for upcoming Safety Orientation dates.

Be Safe.  Shoot Responsibly.